Best Life Insurance Replacement Deals: Replacing Term Insurance Policies Can Save Premium Dollars

Life insurance companies discourage their sales representatives from selling replacement insurance policies if they continually cancel existing insurance in order to sell new contracts. This practice is known as churning. Because insurance sales commissions can be higher in the first year that coverage is in effect, insurance companies have

Lowest Term Life Rates in California: Insurance Companies Offering Greatest Premium Cost Savings

The annual premium rates that different insurance companies calculate for the same person can vary by hundreds and even thousands of dollars. Typically, cost differences go up for life insurance policies with higher face amounts. Ironically, consumers who want to research the best premium rates online often face challenges

Reasons to Get Term Life Insurance: Lower Premiums Means More Money to Invest

Term life insurance has become very popular, especially since financial guru Dave Ramsey is always recommending it on his radio show The Dave Ramsey Show and in his book The Total Money Makeover. For those who are not sure as to whether they should purchase term or whole life

What is Term Life Insurance? Short-term Security to Cover Debts or the Upbringing of Children

Choosing the kind of life insurance one needs can be a difficult decision. Many people procrastinate on purchasing it because the thought of one's mortality can be upsetting. However, people must confront that they will die one day, and that everything they did before that time will make up