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Long-Term Care Insurance: Is This Coverage Right for Me?

Long term care insurance can seem rather intimidating and confusing unless you know someone who has first-hand knowledge and experience with it. So let’s take a moment to try and unscramble the facts and answer the most common questions regarding long term care insurance. Let’s begin with what exactly

Long Term Care Insurance Myths and Misconceptions

The impact of long term care is obviously high risk, but many people still neglect this issue and wait for the day they are aggravated with expensive bills or their assets depleted before they think of smart ways to offset the problem. Although some are aware of the importance

Is Long Term Care Insurance Worth Considering?

Everyone has different perspective on how he or she wants to receive care in the future. Although many people are already aware on the repercussions of long term care, they are still uncertain of buying insurance while others choose to self ? insure or wait for Medicaid eligibility. What

Why You Need Long Term Disability Insurance

Most people are aware of the importance of protecting their hard-earned assets such as their automobiles, and their homes, but when it comes to protecting their income, which is the one thing that has made all of this possible, they neglect to do it. We all know that the