Veterinary Pet Insurance: Where to Insure Your Horse, Dog or Cat

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Veterinary care is an ongoing expense for people who have pets. Young animals and old need vaccinations, preventative care against parasitic infections, as well as care for accidental injury, poisoning, or illness. As veterinary care has become more specialized and technology has advanced treatment options, the costs of pet ownership can at times seem well out of hand. Veterinary insurance can help to offset those major expenses and help our pets to live long healthy lives. It can also prolong our quality time with a beloved pet by allowing us to make decisions in favor of treatments that otherwise would have been unattainable due to the expense. These veterinary policies often have deductibles or pay a percentage of your veterinary expense. You may have to pay for the cost of treatment upfront and then file the claim to get yourself reimbursed for treatment. Like human health policies, these plans may have exclusions, and pre-existing diagnoses may not be covered for a period of time. Most of the veterinary plans are reasonably affordable if you insure your pet when it is young or prior to any chronic diagnosis. You will want to research your policy carefully and follow the filing instructions carefully. You will need the cooperation of your veterinary office for filling out the forms, which are pretty simple.

There are policies available for your cat, dog, or equine. VPI or Veterinary Pet Insurance has plans to cover your cat or dog. VPI can be reached by calling: 800-540-2016. Their VPI Superior plan covers treatments, accidental injury, hospitalization, and prescription medication , surgery, lab fees and X-rays. For a nominal fee you can purchase the VPI Superior Plus plan which offers all the previous benefits, but additionally covers flea control, spay, neuter, vaccinations and heartworm prevention measures. You can also add a Cancer rider to the plan for your pet to cover treatments in the event your pet is diagnosed with some form of cancer. Please do note that a few cancers that are considered to be hereditary may not be covered and that you cannot pick up the rider once your pet has been diagnosed. If you want it you must have already taken the policy prior to the diagnosis. For as little as $15-20 per month you can have a policy on a new puppy or kitten. Some other companies to look at are: The Pet Care Pet Insurance Program 866-275-7387,

There are also companies that can cover the veterinary expenses if your horse becomes ill or injured. If you have owned a horse for any length of time you know that the costs for treatment can be extremely expensive. What is worse is the horse’s proclivity for getting hurt. Those accidental injuries can mount up to some whopping veterinary expenses. You may be able to insure your horse’s mortality and pick up a surgical rider. In this instance your horse can get the treatment needed, and in a worse case scenario, at least you can get back the value of the horse. There is also a rider for theft on some policies. Well bred horses are not cheap and a well trained registered horse can be expensive to replace. The insurance policy is your protection if the worst possible things should happen. One company to consider is Continental Bloodstock Agency Limited in Lexington, Kentucky. Phone: 859-233-1818. Another is Smith Embry Insurance Associates in Louisville, KY Phone 502-493-9911. You can also contact Agri-Risk Services, Inc. at 800-821-5558. They can put you into contact with a company that will meet your needs near your location.