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How Does Life Insurance Work

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Understanding how life insurance works is one of the ways to decide if you should buy life insurance. The basic concept of how life insurance works is that an individual buys a life insurance policy from a life insurance company. He or she names a policy beneficiary. If the

How Much Life Insurance Do I Need

Life insurance can help your loved ones if you die. Your life insurance beneficiary receives a death benefit, typically a lump sum of the policy face amount, that’s generally considered free from federal and state taxes. If you’re wondering, “How much life insurance do I need?” you must estimate

Is Life Insurance Taxable

Most of us know that life insurance is an important financial planning tool, but questions like “Is life insurance taxable?” require discussion with a financial advisor. Tax rules are complex and, as life insurance products continue to evolve, the line separating some life insurance types from other investment vehicles

What Types of Life Insurance Do I Need

If you’re comparing life insurance policies, you’ve probably been introduced to several different types of life insurance. To answer “What types of life insurance do I need?” consider your options. All life insurance types provide asset protection and financial support to your beneficiary. Some types of insurance offer options