Low-Cost Healthcare Insurance for Multiple Pets

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Are you an animal lover? Do you own dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, etc.? Do you have lots of animal friends but very few human friends? Your pets are probably the first friends you see in the morning because they sleep all around you at night. They keep you company as you eat breakfast, are very sad to see you go when you leave for work, and are there to greet you when you come home.

They listen to you with understanding and sympathy as you cry and complain about the awful day you’ve had. They never criticize, judge or leave you alone. Is there any wonder that you love your pets so much?

There isn’t anything you wouldn’t do to repay them for their friendship. That’s the way you feel until you have to take one or more of them to the vet. The vet’s bill will make you consider finding a home for all of them except one. But which one would you keep and which ones would you give away?

Since it’s impossible to choose, you decide to keep them all until the next time one or more needs to go to the vet’s office. You can stop the cycle of love and regret by considering insuring all of your pets on one policy.

You think you can’t afford to add pet insurance to all of your other monthly obligations? How do you know if you don’t investigate? With clever bargain shopping you may be able to insure all of your pets with one company.

In your research you will find that many pet health insurance companies will give you an automatic discount for insuring more than one pet. The catch is many companies will only issue you a multiple pet policy if the pets are all the same species. If you are a dog lover with multiple dogs, this is good news. But if you love dogs and cats and own them both, the insurance company will consider them as separate policies.

Don’t give up! Many companies will give you a discount because you have more than one policy with them. You can save a little as ten percent with a multiple policy discount. If you’re a bargain shopper that never gives up, you could save much more.

You realize that sooner or later all of your pets are going to need healthcare. You could choose to cover only one species or save on healthcare by having multiple policies with the same company. Healthcare costs for pets have soared to astronomical proportions in the past few years. You will have to weigh the pros and cons of healthcare insurance for your pets.