Do I Need Pet Insurance for My Pet?

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I have a sick dog. BoDee has been to the vet many times in the past year. I need pet insurance, but I cannot afford it. My dog is being treated for Intestinal Lymphangiectasia, and will have to see the vet regularly for the rest of her life. Needing, and having, pet insurance comes down to an individual's financial situation, and if you can't afford it, you should out a plan to budget it in with your finances.

Why People Don't Have Pet Insurance

I have given pet insurance a lot of thought and even polled pet owners to get their opinion about having pet insurance. Of the 6 polled, only one of them had pet insurance and that was because it came as a rider on his car insurance policy.

Pet insurance is like health or auto insurance. It is a great thing to have when you need it, but when you have to pay that policy, it can put a hardship on your finances. Do pet owners need insurance on their pets? Yes, they do, but most cannot afford it.

In my earlier polling article, Danny, from Illinois, stated that full coverage pet insurance for his German Shepard would cost $85.00 a month. In this economy that is an expense most cannot afford. Yet for some people, it is definitely worth it. Most of the people I polled would have pet insurance if they could afford it.

Would More People Have Pet Insurance if it was Affordable?

I would have pet insurance if I could afford it. My veterinarian has been very good to me. She realizes I cannot afford everything she does for my sick dog. If I had pet insurance, it may or may not cover the treatments and daily medicine my dog receives.

My vet bill for BoDee is around 50.00 a month right now. Pet insurance would probably cost more than that. At this point, I am saving money, but if BoDee ever needs more extensive tests or hospitalization, the bills will increase. It is a chance that I and many other pet owners take.

Needing and affording pet insurance is a decision each individual has to make, based on their financial situation. If the monthly or yearly premium is something you can afford, then you absolutely should have full coverage pet insurance.

A seriously ill or injured pet can push the vet bills into the thousands. In a case like that, you really do need pet insurance to give your pet the very best medical care. A large percent of the population cannot afford personal healthcare, so pet insurance seems really out of reach for most of us, even though we need it.

If you need, but cannot afford pet insurance, discuss options with your veterinarian. The vet may be able to set you up on a payment plan, or you may need to set up an emergency pet care fund and put whatever amount you can afford into it every month.