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Whole and Term Life Insurance: Understanding the Difference

Life insurance is designed to create financial protection for a persons' family should they pass away. This protection can come in the form of paying off the deceased persons' debts or even as a replacement for their income for a certain length of time. Life insurance can even be

Term and Whole Life Insurance: A Dummy's Guide to Determining Which One is Right for You

Many out there are not insurance whizzes, and they are not expected to be. Have you spent hours upon hours debating whether term or whole life insurance is the more worthwhile investment? Have you been anxiously concerned over which insurance will guarantee the most significant monetary return for you?

Whole Life Insurance vs. Term Life

The main difference between whole life insurance and term life insurance is that whole life provides coverage on the insured for their entire life as long as the premiums are paid and the owner does not cancel the policy. In contrast, term life insurance provides coverage for a predetermined

Reasons Against Whole Life Insurance: Term Policies Allow for Greater Investing Potential

When trying to figure out whether to buy whole or term life insurance, there are several things to consider. Whole life policies have several good qualities, such as the possible pay out of dividends and the accumulation of cash value that can be borrowed against it if needed. While