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Term Life Insurance: A Few Things to Consider When Deciding on a Life Insurance Policy

We have all seen life insurance commercials and you have probably heard of term and whole life policies. Term life is quite similar to your homeowner or auto insurance policy. You pay premiums and will use the policy only when needed. If there is no claim, the insurance has

Term Life Insurance: An Investment for an Uncertain Future

A Term Life Insurance Policy is sold to a consumer for a limited amount of time. The benefit that will be paid to your loved ones will only be paid if death occurs during a set window of time. If death does not occur during that time and the

What is Term Life Insurance? Short-term Security to Cover Debts or the Upbringing of Children

Choosing the kind of life insurance one needs can be a difficult decision. Many people procrastinate on purchasing it because the thought of one's mortality can be upsetting. However, people must confront that they will die one day, and that everything they did before that time will make up

Reasons to Get Term Life Insurance: Lower Premiums Means More Money to Invest

Term life insurance has become very popular, especially since financial guru Dave Ramsey is always recommending it on his radio show The Dave Ramsey Show and in his book The Total Money Makeover. For those who are not sure as to whether they should purchase term or whole life